Adult Fitness

Get Stronger Physically and mentally with our functional fitness classes





Adult fitness classes are available for all levels: beginner to advanced.

All classes are available on a drop in or membership basis – come as often as you like! Check out the schedule for all details and start your journey today.


45 Minutes


Start to build your strength and coordination in our beginner workout! Learn some of the basic fitness moves you will see in our more advanced classes, and build your strength and stamina up before moving on. These classes will alternate between fitness basics and beginner ninja skills. No excuses, it’s time to start your week with a great Monday workout!

Ultimate Circuit is full body workout in a go at your own speed style, so you get choose how intense you want your workout to be. Multiple stations are setup with ample time of break in between to help build stamina and strength. Very beginner friendly since you can choose your own pace.

Ultimate Circuit:

30 minutes

Ultimate Foundations:
45 Minutes


In this 4 week, 2x a week, beginner program you will learn all the basics to have you on your way to becoming your fittest self yet! Each week will have a theme such as “Pulling”, “Balance”, “Pushing” etc
and each class will focus on specific beginner movements to set you on the path to success. It’s a slower paced class, meant for you to be able to really focus on capturing the right form in a less intimidating
manner. You’ll learn proper squat form, proper overhead pressing, and perform balance exercises that work your whole body… mind and all. Come break a sweat and build a better YOU at UO.



1 hour

Mojility is when you take the benefits of mobility movements and blend in faster agility exercises all into one class. You don’t have to be an athlete to join in, but you’ll feel like one using the agility ladder and sandbags during the class. Come burn some calories and see why this is one of the sweatiest classes we have.​​

Our Core focused class goes beyond the traditional abdominal exercises. We take pride in developing a strong foundation for our members. You’ll be taken through exercises like Turkish Get Ups, taught knew and exciting yoga ball exercises, and learn to control your body with Bosu based stability routines. This is a class for anyone to enjoy!

Core focus:

1 hour


45 minutes

This Full Body class will work you entirely and also push your stamina levels even higher. With focus on your upper body, lower body, core and cardio, you’ll get a full workout in. This class is a great progression from our beginner classes and will prepare you to take on our advanced classes!


Power focus:

1 hour

In this Power Hour we do everything to work on your explosive strength. From medicine ball slams, to dumbbell cleans, to KB swings we work on creating a powerful body that will enhance your everyday living. Your fast twitch and slow twitch muscles will be tested like never before in this intermediate class suitable for anyone wanting to become greater than before!
In this intermediate/advanced class we focus on strong push/pull movements such as box pushes, sled pulls, and heavy stability to enhance your workouts beyond the traditional sense. Heavy weights mixed with hard cardio such as the assault bike/ rower will leave you exhausted, sweaty, and determined to be better than before.

Titan Training:

45 minutes

Specialty Programs

6 Weeks to SPARTA:

Next Session Starts in May 

Join us in our next 6 Weeks to Sparta training series! Each 90 minute class consist of 45 minutes of specific obstacle training and 45 minutes of a strength and conditioning workout. The combination of the two will get you prepared for your next race!

In addition to the trainings, all participants will also get a running plan, running form tips, and a race-day preparation guide.

Cost is $119 for the 6 Week Session.

2024 Program Start Dates:

Sat, May 4th for UOCR at UOH on June 15th
Week of July 8th for Spartan Sprint/Super Weekend Aug 17th/18th
Week of Aug 19th for OCRWC on Sep 27th-29th
Week of Sep 30th for Spartan Fenway on Nov 9th

Our newest workout class is a doozy! Coach Robert will put you through a strength and stamina workout including heavy carries, sled pushes, and other classic OCR moves, along with obstacle instruction and a mini OCR course. Practice wall climbs, rope climbs, and more to get you ready for your next race!

OCR Training Class:

90 Minutes