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Welcome to Season VIII of the World Ninja League (formerly known as the National Ninja League)!! Ultimate Obstacles is excited to partner up again as a qualifying competition for the WNL. Links to register for our next event in October are below.

Format will be the new WNL Full Course, which means all obstacles within the given course time will be able to earn you points even if you fail an earlier obstacle. It also adds in higher points for obstacles that are more difficult according to the pass/fail rate. Full rules can be found at We are excited to try this new format to see how the ninjas decide to attack the course!

World Ninja League

National Ninja League

Tentative times are below, times may be adjusted slightly according to sign-ups. Thanks!

​8am – Masters 40+
10:30am – Teens 13-14
2:30pm – Young Adults 15-17
5pm – Adults 18+
7:30pm – Masters 40+

8am – Kids 6-8 Wave #1
9:30am – Kids 6-8 Wave #2
12:00pm – Mature Kids 9-10 Wave #1
2:30pm – Mature Kids 9-10 Wave #2
5pm – Preteens 11-12 Wave #1
6:30pm – Preteens 11-12 Wave #2

*Age Group is determined by your age on January 1, 2023. To sign up for an WNL Competition you must sign the Season VIII NNL waiver and obtain an athlete ID at  (you do not have to repeat this if you’ve done it for an WNL Competition already this season). 

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Client Testimonials

We went to a birthday party here and then decided to sign my seven year old up for classes and he loves it. We've been going here almost a year now and we couldn't be happier.

Joy Chambers

The coaches are so helpful and encouraging. The motivation and push I need during the exercising is outstanding.

Joe Holmes

We came for an open gym slot and it was super easy to make reservations online and sign the waiver!

There were many obstacle courses that you can do and it is divided into the "kids" section and "adult" section, but it is by no means "easy." Things are just shorter and closer in the kids section so it's a good place to warm up and take it easy while learning the foundations/ basics so you won't hurt yourself.

2 hours passed by very quick lol. We spent most of our time practicing on the warped walls, pushing to ones that are taller as we get comfortable with it.

Rebecca Jung

Since I've been wanting to get a little better at obstacle courses, I decided to check out a gym designed just for that. Apparently, some of the customers/staff here have been shown on America's Ninja Warrior! Definitely adds to their credibility. Also, from their ONE session solely on how to control your balance, helped with an obstacle I had today at a race. I was able to walk across a beam without falling into the water. Honestly, their training works and I hope to learn more before my next race in August. 

Martin Smith

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