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regional wNL competition at ultimate obstacles!

Season IX New England Regional Championships are here! We are so excited to be hosting the New England Regionals for the 4th year, and even more excited that there are two courses this year. Many more details to follow, stay tuned!

In order to participate in this event you must have already qualified in a previous Tier 1 event this season.

World Ninja League Regionals


Registration is $110, sign up below!

* Registration closes Thursday, May 9th at Midnight for both weekends
* Run Orders will be posted ~2 days after registration closes, so May 11th
* Walk-through rules video will be posted the day before the event for each division
* No refunds past Monday, May 13th for Weekend #1 and no refunds past Monday, May 20th for Weekend #2




Spectator passes are sold as an Individual Pass or a Family Pass which is good for up to 4 people in the same household. Passes are valid all weekend at Ultimate Obstacles and at The School Yahd! Athletes (regardless of their competition day) and Coaches do not need a spectator pass. Everyone else that enters the building will need a spectator pass.

 Pre Purchase Prices: $10 for individual and $30 for Families up to 4

*Pre-purchase tickets will be available to purchase online up until Friday, May 24th for both weekends. Pre-purchase tickets will be available again from Tuesday, May 28th until Thursday, May 30th for the second weekend.

*Ages 3 and under are free!



Welcome back Coaches! We know that coaching days can be long so we are happy to be bringing back the Coach’s Lounge! We will be have it stocked with water, snacks, and comforatble seating to take a break when you can . All coaches must be WNL Certified and be physically coaching an athlete during this Regionals event. There are a lot of people that are WNL Certified to Coach, but only ones coaching at this event will receive the free admission and Coach’s Lounge perks.

Professional Photo Packages

PROFESSIONAL Photo packages

Jon Hart from Nomadic Hart Photography (@thephotoninja.hart) is coming back this year to capture some great moments! After last year he is able to say most athletes will get closer to 8 pictures this year, up from 5 last year. He will be focusing on the first course which will be the Challenge Course.

Two options this year for photo packages. One will be the Basic Package for $30 and the other will be the Photo and UO Sunglasses Package for $35. Perfect timing for summer!

Click on the link below to purchase your photos.


weekend #1:

Saturday May 25th – Monday May 27th


Saturday, May 25th



Sunday, May 26th

Mature Kids


Monday, May 27th


weekend #2:

Friday May 31st – Sunday June 2nd


Friday, May 31st


Saturday, June 1st 

Teens and Elites


Sunday, June 2nd

Young Adults and Adults

How will two courses at Regionals work?

We were just as excited as all of you when we heard the plan of two courses for Regionals this year! This immediately brought up the question of how to accomplish both courses in the same amount of time over the two weekends. We put a lot of thought on how to give the athletes and families the best experience by considering the following:

    • How much time in between the athlete runs, and finding the sweet spot of enough time but not too much time
    • Not sacrificing course length and time on the courses to fit both courses in
    • How much overall time to be at the competition
    • Fairness to all athletes by having every athlete perform the courses in the same order

What we came up with is outlined below. Every Athlete will be given a Wave start time for Course A, and Course B will follow after half the wave has completed Course A. We have the space in the gym to have both full-length courses fully set up to achieve this.

Example: Saturday, May 25th Preteens Wave #1 8am-11:45am – 30 athletes

    • 7:30am – Athlete Check-In
    • 8am – Course A Ref will ask the athletes and coaches if there are any questions on the walk-through rules video for Course A (Challenge format of longer course)
    • 8:20am – First Athlete will begin Course A
    • 9:30am – Half of the competitors (15 athletes for this example) will have run and move on to Course B. Those 15 athletes and coaches will then have the opportunity to ask the Course B Ref any questions they have on the walk-through rules video for Course B (Flow format of a speed course). The other 15 athletes will continue to run Course A until they have all completed it. *This time is approximate, but Course B will always follow once half of the wave completes Course A.
    • 9:45am – The first 15 Athletes will begin running Course B
    • 10:25am – The other 15 athletes will be done running Course A and move on to Course B. These 15 athletes and coaches will then have the opportunity to ask the Course B Ref any questions they have on the walk-through rules video for Course B
    • 10:40am – The other 15 athletes will begin running Course B
    • 11:45am – All of the athletes from Wave #1 will have completed Course B

Hopefully the schedule above meakes sense! We will be creating a video as well to help explain this since we know it’s different from any other competition format. Also, we are taking these additional steps to help the process run smoothly:

    • Large monitors to display the run orders for both courses
    • Large monitors to display the walk-through rules videos
    • White-board run orders to clearly show which athletes are in the first half of the wave and which athletes are considered the second half of the wave
    • A dedicated staff person to move the athletes from Course A to Course B to keep them organized

Below Information is per the WNL Website:

Run Order process for Regionals

Run orders at Regional Competitions will be determined by the total season points earned from each of an athlete’s best 12 competitions. Athletes will be sorted from lowest to highest by total season points from their best 12 competitions. In the event of a tie between two or more athletes, the athlete with the higher power score will be placed later in the run order.

Scoring and qualifications:

All Tier 1 Regionals will consist of two courses. Athletes will receive points based on their placements on each course (1st Place = 1 Point, 2nd Place = 2 Points, etc.) and the best combined score will win the Course Overall title – and the Regional Championship.

At the end of each Regional, 16 athletes (or the top 35%, whichever number is bigger) will qualify for the Tier 1 Championships in each division!



Below are the tentative start times of the waves. This will change according to the number of sign-ups in each age division.

Saturday 5/25

Wave 1 8am – 11:45am
Wave 2 10:30am – 2:15pm
Wave 3 1:30pm – 5:15pm
Wave 4 4pm – 7:45pm

Sunday 5/26

Mature Kids
Wave 1 8am – 11:45am
Wave 2 10:30am – 2:15pm
Wave 3 1:30pm – 5:15pm
Wave 4 4pm – 7:45pm

Monday 5/27

Wave 1 8am – 11:45am
Wave 2 10:30am – 2:15pm
Wave 3 1:30pm – 5:15pm
Wave 4 4pm – 7:45pm

Friday 5/31

Wave 1 4pm – 7pm
Wave 2 6pm – 9pm

Saturday 6/1

Wave 1 8am – 11:45am
Wave 2 10:30am – 2:15pm
Wave 3 1:30pm – 5:15pm
Wave 1 4:30pm – 7:30pm
Wave 2 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Sunday 6/2

Young Adults
Wave 1 8am – 11:45am
Wave 2 10:30am – 2:15pm
Wave 1 1:30pm – 5:15pm
Wave 2 4pm – 7:45pm


& Sponsors


Help add to the Regionals experience by showcasing your company or organization to an engaged ninja crowd. Vendors will be in front of 600+ athletes, in addition to the familes and spectators as well. Vendors are also put right in the action near the livestream area and podiums. Please reach out to us If you are interested at


Sponsors to this event helps provide more to the athletes and gets exposure to their brands! Be a great part of Regionals by selecting a Sponsor Level that gets your name on every staff and/or Champion shirt. If you are interested then please reach out to us at

Check out the different Sponsor and Vendor Levels below!

Thank you 2024 sponsors!

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